ChessRogue is a console-based puzzle game loosely based on chess. You take the part of the sole survivor of your side, and battle through twenty-five levels to capture the opposing King. As you capture opposing pieces, you learn their tricks and become more powerful yourself. There are three difficulty levels (plus a Practice mode) with the harder levels only beatable by the very best.



Windows executables, Linux executables and full source code can be downloaded from SourceForge. I will be very grateful to anyone contributing a pre-compiled executable for Mac OS X!

If you want to compile ChessRogue yourself, you will need the Kaya compiler, version 0.4.0 or later. Read the compiling instructions for more information.

Playing the game

The README.txt file in the download package explains the basics of playing, while the HINTS.txt file contains some (slightly spoilerish) tips on how to defeat each opponent. You might want to use Practice difficulty for your first few games, while you get used to the game. Every key that is currently useful to you will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the game screen - you can also use the arrow keys and number pad to make single-space moves. If you find the supplied keys unintuitive (and if you've not played roguelikes before, this is quite likely) then edit the crkeymap.txt file to choose your own.

If you want to publicise your best score or a won game, ask for help with playing, report a bug, or suggest a new feature, you can use the forums and bug trackers at Sourceforge or the newsgroup. All comments, good and bad, are welcome!

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